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Welcome to The World of Nails is a completely new and innovative concept brought to you TYGERR, currently the singer for heavy metal sensation TYGERRS LAIR and the former creators of LNG NAILS. Tygerr, a long time Nail Icon Fashionista in her own right, has joined our explosive editorial team, where together we bring you the most exquisite nail site on the web. We are working tirelessly to bring you the most exciting, visually stimulating nail pictures available as well as providing you with correct and useful information from our outstanding panel of writers and experts.
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They tear, they peel, and they’re paper-thin. Are they’re driving you nuts? If you have weak fingernails, you know what we’re talking about. Anyone looking to strengthen his or her fingernails has probably read tons of contradictory advice. Here are the three myths you’ll run in to most often, followed by our top five expert tips:

The accompanying article is a very informative with some helpful hints on how to strengthen your nails.

For me, when I decided to grow my nails I began using Formula 10, a product that can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply and many other beauty supply shops. They got to about an inch and a half before I needed something stronger to keep them from breaking. That’s when I switched to using acrylic on my nails but there are great ways to give your nails some help from mother nature.

Article referrenced from : How to strengthen weak fingernails click the link to read the article in it’s entirety!!