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Hello Ayanna, thank for you for you time to have a chat with us about your nails. We had quite a few requests from viewers, so we’re thrilled to have you with us.
Pleasure and honour is all mine!
You know, your nails reminds me a lot of Mz Erotica, always attention to detail, straight lines, wide curve.
Oh they do! That’s a compliment. Well I do take pride in the way my nails appear, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my twenty jewels! You know some people actually think I’m Mz Erotica sister, and we actually do consider ourselves as that, I love her!

A question that you‘re probably asked a lot, how long have you been growing your fingernails & your toenails long?

I can’t be totally exact but I have been growing my fingernails around 16-17 years and my toenails for 4 years.

How long do they measure now?

They range from 15 inches to 17 1/2 inches, with my left thumb being the longest.

Do you plan growing them longer than 17 1/2 inches?

I would love to, but only if they start to curve more. I find that the more curve you have in your nails, then it makes life a little easier.

I understand after so many years, you got used doing your every day tasks quite easy, but which is the most challenging task up to this day do you reckon because of your nails?

Washing dishes! My nails are at the in between length were they are too long to fit in the sink and not to long enough to hang out of it. The way Lee Redmond’s Nails did! So I’m raising 3 granddaughters, and a nephew is staying with me for a while…they are my dish washers! lol

Speaking about Lee Redmond, who sadly had the car accident and lost a significant part of her nail length, where do you think you rate your nail length across the globe?

I would say maybe 5 or 6 between the top 12 ladies with the longest nails I have actually seen, including the ones you only see pictures of on the internet. I was actually contacted by the Guinness World Record Book last year. Watched with them for a while and was going through the process but when they told me they are looking for someone’s nails to be as long as Lee Redmond, I knew I was out of that running.

So what sort of advice you’d give to someone who wants to grow her nails as long as yours?

Prepare yourself to be patient, every day attention, try to find a friend with long nails to help you and coach you through the process. Thats what happened to me, I learned from legends of the long nail community, Lena Cole, Lee Redmond, Louise Hollis, Sondra, Anna, The Dutchess.

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