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“Way back when I was first asked to let my fingernails grow, I said fine. I did just that and they were let to grow as they wished. Just as life has many twists and turns, so did my fingernails. My journey has been followed for about five years now. I’ve posted sometimes as often as daily pictures of their growth. Each and every mani/pedi has been loved by me and shared with the world. I do call myself an artist. The art starts with whatever design is applied to my nails and then follows through to my camera for the pictures and videos I post. It is not just my fingernails that have grown in this process. While I may have come to this community with a certain amount of tech savvy skills, I now have more.

The time for this free range fingernail growth has come to an end. My last mani/pedi was done by Michele as I could not bring myself to do what needed to be done. I wanted some nice straight (or basically gently curved) super sharp pointed fingernails. I had discovered the joys of scratching and it was the length and twists in my fingernails which were preventing me from my continued growth. As someone from within the nail community noted, I have been interested in having my fingernails sharp for a long while now. The time was now..

My nail appt ran from 1:30 – 8:00. We did not stop to eat. This time was devoted to the task of lovingly cutting my fingernails. My acrylic was then thinned as it had built up over the years and this shorter length did not require the heavy duty support any longer. Michele then filed the tips to some wonderfully sharp points. She was concerned about me scratching myself. I assured her that with polish on both sides of my fingernails even the sharpest fingernails would be tamed just enough to make them manageable. Now I share with you the very last pictures of my long…super long fingernails and the very first pictures taken after the restructuring had taken place. As you can see, my journey within the nail community is far from over. The path may have changed however I am still here and hope to be for many a year more.

Please rest assured my toenails were safe whilst this process took place!”