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Nails as canvas. For too long we have seen nails as an embellishment, their artistic energy focused on the silhouette and not on the media of the nail. Sure, they can be colored or symbols painted upon them. Yet with elongation of the nail comes the ability to make it something more.What more, then, can there be than that they become a tribute to something more esoteric, more artistic than the kind of paints and symbols oft associated with nail art? My mind turns to Van Gogh, that great impressionist who, much like I, saw art in his own flesh and being. I can only imagine his thoughts as he stood in the mirror and sliced off his earlobe to mail it to a woman he obviously adored; his recognition of the relationship between the divine feminine and artistry. In her, he no doubt saw art more natural than his imagination could deliver, colors more spectacular than his pallette could contain. Some say he was insane, others see genius, I see recognition.

The colors of starry night stand in contrast to those that Van Gogh might have sought, only those he could deliver. His brush swept wide strokes, rounded and effeminate of the encompassing night sky that, like a womb envelopes the village below.

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